If you have 10 or more participants that are 13 years old or older, you have a group. IBEX has no cap size on groups and we offer an incredible discount to groups. Groups of ten or more adults are $20 per person.

Adult groups will, just as an individual would, go through our introductory course, Ropes and What Knot. It's basically mandatory. Climbing is so exciting, but as with any extreme sport, there is some instruction required for both newcomers and those who have not climbed in a while. 

The difference between the group session and the individual session, other than price, the individual session and price ($35) includes a 2-week trial membership to climb as much as your arms can handle and get a taste of the climbing lifestyle (it rocks!). The Group Instruction class is significantly discounted and does not include the trial membership.

Group Session Outline:
• Group session of Ropes and What Knot will run about 120 minutes
• After the course, participants are free to climb until IBEX closes for the day (you can even grab food and come back!)