IBEX HECK is an homage to and practice for 24HHH! Teams will climb for 12 or 24 hours just like Horseshoe Hell. Unlike Hell, we have AC, vending machines, restrooms, no long hikes, and a bouldering mat to take a nap on! No matter if you're training for 24HHH, or looking for a less grueling option we have you covered.

Early registration through August 3rd - Shirt Included - $35 per participant
Late registration August 4th to 11th - $45 per participant


Complete rules will be posted soon.  They will be almost identical to 24HHH.  Noteable exceptions are:

  • Non leadable routes may be top roped
  • No limit to repeat routes, if you really want to climb the same 5.6 all night that's your prerogative. :)
  • Scoring will be tracked on paper cards, please hand them in whenever your on a rest.
  • IBEX will provide a limited number of lead ropes to share.  If you would like to use your own rope you must give it to our staff to be checked before use.  We will start accepting ropes for checks on Aug. 9th.